2023 Ram 1500’s Class-Executive Air Suspension – A Game-Changer in Pickups in Kootenays

January 11,2023

With its class-exclusive air suspension system, the 2023 Ram 1500 is shaking up the pickup truck market. This revolutionary feature increases not just fuel efficiency but also ride quality and off-road capabilities, as well as load-leveling and quick entry/exit convenience. Let’s take a closer look at how Ram has transformed the pickup truck experience.
Fuel efficiency: The truck’s height is adjusted by the air suspension system, which automatically lowers it at highway speeds to reduce aerodynamic drag. This results in improved fuel efficiency, which is a key goal for the majority of drivers. As gas costs continue to increase, the Ram 1500 distinguishes itself with a clever method for making your miles count.
Ride-quality and off-road capabilities: The ability of the system to adapt to varying road conditions makes for a more comfortable commute. Five distinct suspension height settings are available for manual adjustment by the driver. This adaptability, coupled with the truck’s sophisticated suspension, allows for a confident and controlled off-road experience on any terrain.
Load-Leveling and Entry/Exit Convenience: The air suspension also offers automatic load leveling that compensates for large payloads to ensure a stable and level ride. In addition, the adjustable ride height facilitates vehicle entry and departure, as well as cargo loading and unloading. These useful features make the Ram 1500 an excellent option for both work and pleasure.
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