2023 Ram 1500 Classic – Design and Style in Nelson

September 21,2022

The Classic Tradesman prioritizes a spartan-chic aesthetic. The entry-level bumpers, door handles, and grille are made of black plastic, whereas the mid-range Express trim includes a painted grille and body-colored bumpers.
The top-tier Warlock specification features an aggressive blacked-out grille with Ram’s name in bold black letters. It is an excellent imitation of the significantly costlier Ram 1500 Rebel. Regular-cab variants with six- and eight-foot beds are still available for the Classic, despite the fact that they are no longer particularly popular with purchasers. This configuration is offered by only one other truck, the Ford F-150.
The cabin of the Classic is reminiscent of a time travel, transporting you back to an era when pickup trucks were far less luxurious than they are now. Although modern Ram pickups are available with high-tech features like expansive touchscreens and high-end fixtures, the Classic’s interior is simpler. Although there are a lot of hard plastics, the cabin still feels sturdy and well-made.
All in all, the Ram 1500 Classic is a tough and economical option for people seeking a classic truck design. While it lacks modern luxury features, it compensates with a sturdy construction and a variety of trim options to suit different tastes.
If you’re interested in the 2023 Ram 1500 Classic, browse what we have in stock in our new inventory here in Nelson Chrysler.

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